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We invite all applicants to audition at a mutually convenient time at the Ballet West campus. We advise that students travelling long distances arrive in Taynuilt on the evening before the audition.


If you would like guidance in sourcing a place to stay we can advise on local accommodation. Auditions consist of a ballet class and interview. Auditions are generally private where you will dance alongside Ballet West students in training. The Principal will lead the interview process which includes time to discuss and ask about the school and your training.



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My Ballet West Audition Experience

Anabelle Rees

Ballet West Graduate & Professional Dancer


Why did you want to audition at Ballet West?

I always knew that I wanted to be a dancer and going to a vocational school seemed like the next step in making that dream come true. I also knew that I wanted to study for a degree so that I had something to fall back on and have a “plan B” so to speak. Ballet West offered everything that I wanted and the scenic surroundings seemed like the perfect place for me to study. Just like a home away from home. I also had a few friends who were already studying at Ballet West and loving their time there.

What preparation did you do for your audition?

I worked on lots of free exercises to practice picking up different combinations. I also worked on my performance and showing how much I loved dancing during class.

How was your Ballet West audition experience?

I was obviously extremely nervous especially as Ballet West was my very first audition. The first person I remember meeting was Gillian who from the very first moment made me feel at ease. Gillian walked me over to the studio and introduced me to the class. Dancing alongside current students in the Ballet West audition gave me a real sense of what being at the school would be like. I remember that Daniel Job taught my audition and I learnt so much during the class. I knew that he was a teacher that would be able to teach me so many brilliant things. After the audition the first thing I told my mum was how much I loved the school and how I really wanted to be a student there. I was ecstatic when Gillian came into the room to tell me that they were offering me a place.


Any words of advice for someone wanting to audition?

Be confident even if you are really nervous. Don’t be afraid to ask other students or the teacher in the room for help if you don’t understand something or haven’t done a step before, everyone will be more than happy to help you out. But most importantly just be yourself, try to forget that you are in an audition and focus on showing how much you love to dance.

Oscar Ward

Ballet West Graduate & Professional Dancer

Why did you want to audition at Ballet West?

I wanted to audition at Ballet West because I was aware of the high quality of training which has a focus on individual development with plenty of one-to-one mentoring. 

What preparation did you do for your audition?

I prepared for the audition by keeping myself calm and focused on the day. I kept in mind all the corrections of my teachers and made sure I had plenty of time to warm up before. 

How was your Ballet West audition experience?

The atmosphere was very professional but friendly. I recall the students in the audition were at Ballet West full-time and had an air of focus and drive about them. My nerves quickly disappeared as I realised the comradery among everybody was fantastic. 


Any words of advice for someone wanting to audition?

I would advise people who want to audition for the school to have confidence in themselves. Be calm and stay focused because it's important to be able to show what you can do.

We look forward to meeting you at your audition.

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